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Since Surge is quite a visual app that heavily relies on profile pictures, it is obvious that the app has strict guidelines when it comes to this.Profile pictures are reviewed and often rejected if they do not comply with the community standards.Hence, the birth of Surge and Lavender as its counterpart for lesbian and bisexual women.Claiming to be the #1 gay dating app is one hell of a bold move.For instance, although there is a chat function, you can't just randomly chat with other members. By swiping right, it means that you like them while swiping left means the exact opposite.So, the more you swipe right, the more users you like.

Note that only Premium Members can access the private photos you are willing to share.

To sign up via Facebook, you'd only need to type in your Facebook login details to automatically sync your personal information.

Both of these options are uncomplicated and easy to follow.

The app developers know that this system might mean that matching will take time so they have created a feature called "Power Like" where you can immediately let another member know that you like him.

He will instantly get notified that you like him which makes the process of liking you back or disliking you much faster and efficient. However, they'd have to purchase more Power Likes if they'd want to keep using that advantage.

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To further personalize your profile, you can link your Facebook, Instagram and Spotify accounts.

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