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Diamond mining in Lesotho has grown in recent years and may contribute 8.5% to GDP by 2015, according to current forecasts.

Lesotho's 2.5 million Millennium Challenge Account Compact, which focused on strengthening the healthcare system, developing the private sector, and providing access to improved water supplies and sanitation facilities, will end in September 2013.

“Additional application desks are being provided in Lesotho, at the borders and other strategic places.

A mobile centre at Maseru Mall is already working,” said the department.

The government maintains a large presence in the economy - public expenditures accounted for 55% of GDP in 2010 and the government remains Lesotho's largest employer.

Lesotho's largest private employer is the textile and garment industry - approximately 36,000 Basotho, mainly women, work in factories producing garments for export to South Africa and the US.

However, the government continues to strengthen its tax system to reduce dependency on customs duties and other transfers.

The LSP programme was launched on 1 February 2016 and by Monday, close to 40 000 applications had been received.

Small, mountainous, and completely landlocked by South Africa, Lesotho is a least developed country in which about three-fourths of the people live in rural areas and engage in subsistence agriculture.

Lesotho produces less than 20% of the nation's demand for food.

Lesotho Special Permit The LSP will allow for Lesotho nationals to live in South Africa legally.

Those with appropriate documents will contribute to the two countries’ economic development and growth, including through taxes in South Africa and remittances back home.

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Applicants will still be required to provide supporting documents while applying.

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