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Though Kohver was sentenced to 15 years in jail by Russian court for espionage, he was released by Russia in exchange for releasing Aleksei and Victoria Dressen.[16] A Russian citizen was also taken into custody in 2017 for being a suspect of computer-related espionage crimes against the country.[17]The Baltic Defence College, founded in 1998, organizes conferences about Russia, such as the Annual Baltic Defence College Conference on Russia.The February 2017 conference looked at non-linear warfare perpetrated by Russia, namely its cyber- and memetic dimensions among others.[18]The International Centre for Defence and Security (ICDS; RKK in Estonian) is a Tallinn-based think-tank working in cooperation with the Estonian government, tasked with analysing a wider range of issues relating to Estonian security and national defence planning.[19] Among events organized by the ICDS is the annual Lennart Meri Conference, which is to be held in June 2018; it will present major issues facing the EU and NATO this year.[20] ICDS is also responsible for organising courses in national defence which are held twice per year in Estonian and Russian for politicians, senior state officials, military officers, local government officials, top economic and opinion leaders, cultural and educational practitioners, journalists, and NGOs.The Baltic Centre for Russian Studies (BCRS), founded in 1999 and directed by former Estonian Prime Minister’s advisor Vladimir Yushkin[21], raised concerns over potential hybrid warfare risks posed to Estonia by Russia.[22] However, the BCRS’ activities remain elusive, and are visible only via the figure of Yushkin and his media appearances.is an anti-propaganda blog operated by volunteers who are members of the Estonian voluntary Defence League (Kaitselit)[23] which works under the Ministry of Defence.[24] The blog is tasked with countering disinformation targeting Estonia.It is an unconventional concept of a contemporary art museum that works towards producing, exhibiting, collecting and popularizing local and international contemporary art while altering the prevailing working methods of established art institutions.

One of the most recent espionage-related arrests occurred in January 2017, whereas in 2016 two dual citizens of Russia and Estonia were apprehended and sentenced to jail for spying in Russia’s favour.[14] The case of Uno Puusepp, a retired double-agent who eventually moved to Moscow, shows that Russian intelligence activities in Estonia date as far back as 1990s.[15] Eston Kohver, an Estonian security official kidnapped by Russian security in 2015, has brought attention to Russian intelligence activity in Estonia.EKKM was founded by Anders Härm, Elin Kard, Neeme Külm, and Marco Laimre in late 2006.Since 2016 it is run by Marten Esko and Johannes Säre who joined the team in 2011.We look forward to seeing you at Cisco Connect on ! Held concerned views of Russian foreign policy and now is at the forefront of the European response to its aggression.[1]Estonia has suffered from cyber-attacks by Russia in the past and it is often seen as one of the first victims of the “hybrid war” tactics.

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This work is compiled into a report called “International Security and Estonia”.