Abusive and intimidating behaviour

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Abusive and intimidating behaviour

When you start beating yourself up about the way you are being treated by your teen, it may be helpful to remember that you are not your child’s only or sole influence.Your children encounter many people and experiences that happen completely outside of your relationship with them.

Now is the time for trust, not accusation, especially if the parents are no longer together.A parent who is being abused by their own child, whether it be a teen or even a younger child, may feel a sense of shame.As a mom or dad, you may think, “I should be able to handle this.Maybe you didn’t have a part in causing what is happening now, but you do have some power to direct how your relationship will be going forward. The Integrity Commissioner has written a very critical review of Espanola council’s behaviour saying the elected politicians harassed, undermined and were abusive to municipal employees.

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As you experiment with different resources, allow time to determine if what you are trying is really for you. For example, what kind of therapist do you think would work best with your family?

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