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Accommodating you

The peristriate area 19 interprets accommodation, and sends signals via the Edinger-Westphal nucleus and the 3rd cranial nerve to the ciliary muscle, the medial rectus muscle and (via parasympathetic fibres) the sphincter pupillae muscle.

The medial rectus is innervated by motor neurons in the oculomotor nucleus and nerve.

The reflex, controlled by the parasympathetic nervous system, involves three responses: pupil constriction, lens accommodation, and convergence.

A near object (for example, a computer screen) appears large in the field of vision, and the eye receives light from wide angles.

The suspensory zonules of Zinn relax and the radial tension around the lens is released.

This causes the lens to form a more spherical shape achieving a higher level of refractive power.

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Convergence is the ability of the eye to simultaneously demonstrate inward movement of both eyes toward each other.