Accomodating nephew

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"No need for any answers yet, your father and I have a lot of consultations to make with contractors and such. Jeanie ganked her phone at one point and kept sending me videos of her doing things to Alexa and teasing me about sitting at home playing games." Dad snorted and burst out laughing while mom looked shocked for a moment and then concerned. And frankly, now that I've seen Jeanie, the less I know, the better." "Which means Alexa knows," mom muttered. " "Well, I don't like discussing these things with my aunt," I stated, telling a half-truth.

And to be honest, the reason we told you about the raises is because we're going to go celebrate tonight. "But to quote her, she doubts she'll see Jeanie again, now that she knows dad's been inside her and you've bumped donuts with her." My dad's roaring laughter echoed in my ears for several minutes afterward.

"I could taste the condom you wore too," she whispered.

"I'm sorry you had to do that, but I guess I'm relieved, too. "If we ever have the three-way you want with Freja, it's gonna be awkward to fuck you without one and then have to slip one on to fuck her." Alexa giggled and leaned in to kiss the tip of my nose.

"Because it was meant to be added onto, like another piece you didn't have yet." Mom nodded.

"Third phase will be to allow for a glass roof over the atrium that can be put up in the late fall and removed in the spring, so that we can use it all year-round.

"I should have really enjoyed that date and that sex tonight. I guess it's a plus that she thinks I'm too smart and only wants to be fuck-buddies." Alexa giggled. I can't imagine trying to be in a serious relationship with her, even if she weren't fucking your parents." She screwed up her face and made a 'bleh' sound. I'm taking you downstairs." She lead me down to my room and put me on the bed, undressing quickly and crawling on top of me.

We initially protested, but it turns out the university has recieved some generous donations recently, so they can expand several key departments and still pay your father and I what they think we're worth." "So we'll be building that expansion on the house we've talked about," dad said, nodding."We wanted to talk to you both about the expansion.What if you each got your own considerable amount of space in the new addition?We both groaned in relief as she sat still on top of me.Then she pinned my wrists beside my head and looked down into my eyes as she began to undulate slowly on top of me.

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"I didnt know you two had abandonment issues." Dad laughed.

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