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You’ll need to be cordial and come to accept their relationship.Also, you need to show his ex that you’re responsible, respectful, and invested in taking on a parenting role.What I suggest, spend some time individually with them and let them ask you whatever they’d like.You can also sit down with them and let them know that you’re not trying to replace their mother.So, before you agree to a second date with this guy, seriously think about what you want, because this isn’t only about you anymore.[Read: 50 relationship questions to test your compatibility] #2 The children come first.Essentially, you need to build the trust between you.[Read: Having heavy shoulders – the pitfalls of dating a widower] #7 Your plans will always change. Maybe their mother cannot take them to soccer practice or an emergency came up.

Don’t force anything, kids are highly emotionally and know when you’re being insincere.You’re going to have to accept this as being a part of a team.So, get over your jealous emotions and get involved in your share of the team work. If he wants to introduce you to his kids after the second date, say no.Because let’s face it, you’ll basically be their stepmom.Now, don’t overstep your role, but you’ll have to show her you’re not going to negatively affect their child’s life.

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So, no matter what, no matter how much your man loves you, he will put his kid first. Even if he cannot stand his ex, she’s still going to be in his and your life. You’ll see photos hanging of them on his walls, he’ll be making phone calls to her—that’s normal. So, they will be in communication with each other regarding their child.