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Do you think being an actor and musician makes you more observant and sensitive to human nature in your songwriting?I don’t know about that, I definitely think that being an actor and musician has been difficult, balancing both in my career, sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if I would have focused more on one specific thing. What you don't know is that the ageless Doc Holliday has got a thing for nostalgia and a thirst for revenge.I recently got the chance to interview Alexz Johnson.

Like Olive oil and olives and feta cheese and fish, it’s all really good to me. I would love to one day have a vineyard and I think there’s a lot of really cool culture around wine and I find it interesting, just like the history of where wines come from.

Tom Rozon's first role of note was supporting Mira Sorvino in the 2000 A&E film The Great Gatsby.

His big break came in 2004 when he landed the role of Tom "Tommy Q" Quincy in the CTV/Teen Nick teen drama Instant Star, a role he portrayed for four seasons.

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Maybe you're the relationship type, but if that goes south, you know where to get the best of both worlds.

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