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Amavisd updating

Having each mail in a separate file makes handling much simpler.

If you're using mbox I propose to give maildir a try.

(Create a MX record for the gateway server) MX 10 mailgateway.

Amavisd-new will then filter the mail through different filters before passing the mail back to Postfix on port 10025 which in turn will forward the mail to the next mail server.XY.Amavis is using the Spamassassin Perl libraries directly so there is no need to start the service.Also this creates some confusion about the configuration as some Spamassassin settings are configured in # Enable the Bayes system use_bayes 1 # Enable all network checks skip_rbl_checks 0 # Mail using languages used in these country codes will not be marked # as being possibly spam in a foreign language.Amavisd-new is a content filtering framework utilizing helper applications for virus filtering and spam filtering.In this setup we will be using two helper applications one Clam AV for filtering virus mails and Spamassassin for filtering spam.

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This guide describe step by step how to install a spam and virus filtering mail gateway.