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Amber rose on kim and kanye dating

She also takes routine massages and claims that playing with your partner’s feets when in a romantic relationship can add to the fun and sensuality of intimacy.You presumably have questions about this whole Amber Rose business, and why it was such a deal that she hung out with Kim Kardashian yesterday. Fans of graphs and flow charts have been up their elbows these past nine days (we know, it seems like longer) in drama, ever since Blac Chyna revealed herself to be Rob Kardashian's new paramour—which would have been enough of a revelation in and of itself.

In a bid to provide for her family after her parents’ divorce, Amber performed a striptease at the age of 15.

However, they abandoned their affair in 2010 just barely two years after.

She accused Kanye of cheating and being unfaithful to her in their relationship.

And while we don't really think there are any coincidences in this situation, the nastiness did get kicked up a notch due to a misunderstanding. So without further adieu, here are the answers to your burning questions: author is a red carpet standout (for better or worse); a mom; and, increasingly, an activist whose mission is to remind society that so-called "slut-shaming" and other forms of bullying are a foul, foul business. Thanks to her relationship with Kanye West that lasted from 2008 till 2010, the model, music-video muse and former stripper reached a new level of visibility.

Once they broke up, it was up to her to keep the fame momentum going and she did just that, via social media, racy style choices and various appearances.

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