Avant dating history

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Avant dating history

Rather than providing a comprehensive survey, the intention is to give an indication of the richness of avant‐garde musicians' response to the decade's defining cultural shifts.Many of these musicians were convinced that aesthetic experiment and social progressiveness made na ...The book explores Vladimir Mayakovsky's 1925 visit to New York City via Cuba and Mexico, during which he wrote Russian-language poetry in an "Afro-Cuban" voice; Langston Hughes's translations of these poems while in Moscow, which he visited to assist on a Soviet film about African American life; a futurist play condemning Western imperialism in China, which became Broadway's first major production to feature a predominantly Asian American cast; and efforts to imagine the Bolshevik Revolution as Jewish messianic arrest, followed by the slow political disenchantment of the New York Intellectuals.Through an absorbing collage of cross-ethnic encounters that also include Herbert Biberman, Sergei Eisenstein, Paul Robeson, and Vladimir Tatlin, this work remaps global modernism along minority and Soviet-centered lines, further advancing the avant-garde project of seeing the world anew.

Each chapter draws on new archival research and/or interviews with significant figures of the period.

List of Illustrations A Note on Transliteration Introduction1. The Avant-Garde's Asia: Factography and Roar China3.

From Avant-Garde to Authentic: Revisiting Langston Hughes's "Moscow Movie"4.

During the 1920s and 1930s, American minority artists and writers collaborated extensively with the Soviet avant-garde, seeking to build a revolutionary society that would end racial discrimination and advance progressive art.

Making what Claude Mc Kay called "the magic pilgrimage" to the Soviet Union, these intellectuals placed themselves at the forefront of modernism, using radical cultural and political experiments to reimagine identity and decenter the West.

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The Ethnic Avant-Garde—richly researched and elegantly written—remains a crucial, important book for our moment, especially as liberal multiculturalism emerges in the language both of global capitalism and of the new corporate university.