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As CEO of Brocade Communications, Reyes sold SAN (storage area network) infrastructure to a number of companies, including IBM, EMC Corp., Compaq, Dell, NEC, and HP.During Reyes's time as CEO, Brocade was the largest manufacturer of networking equipment that provides data storage in the world.No officer of Brocade’s finance department has been criminally charged in the backdating investigations of the company.But in August, prosecutors won a surprisingly sweeping victory in their inaugural backdating case against Jensen’s former boss, ex-CEO Gregory L. A 12-member jury convicted Reyes of 10 felonies for his role in the illegal granting of employee stock options at Brocade.Reyes filed a motion for a new trial on the grounds of prosecutorial misconduct, which was denied by the district court.On January 16, 2008, Reyes was found guilty of 10 counts of fraud and conspiracy, including falsifying corporate accounting books and records, and participating in a stock options backdating scheme.

Brocade showed 7 quarters of profitability and revenue growth during that time—in the first two years alone, revenue growth exceeded 150% altogether.Elizabeth Moore, a key witness to Reyes's conviction and the only employee of Brocade's finance department to be called during the proceedings, testified that neither she nor any other members of the finance department had any knowledge of backdating or fraudulent occurrences within the organization.After the trial's conclusion, however, Moore recanted her testimony, claiming that she had been bullied and pressured by the prosecution to give false testimony.The government is arguing that Jensen, in her role as chief of human resources, actively managed the option granting process that Brocade used mainly as a recruiting tool.She has been charged with one felony count of conspiring to establish the “backdating scheme” with Reyes, and one count of falsifying books and records for her role in altering dates on grant forms that were subsequently approved by Brocade’s board of directors.

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After graduating from high school, Reyes attended Saint Mary's College of California in Moraga, California, where he obtained a degree in Business Administration in 1984.

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