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Bukharian guys men dating

) The only clothing that the Torah discusses in great detail is that of the priests, especially the High Priest.

Yet while the High Priest’s garb was elaborate, colorful and full of symbolism, on Yom Kippur, the one day a year when he would enter the Holy of Holies, he wore only white linen clothing (Leviticus 16:4) as a sign of purity and humility.

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In some communities, women wear socks, tights or stockings as well, but this is not universal among the Orthodox.

Married Jewish women typically cover their hair as a sign that they are no longer single.

Indeed, white clothing has become the symbol of purity.

When the Jews were sovereign in the Land of Israel in ancient times, the standard of dress reflected their status.

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Orthodox Jewish women wear long skirts because pants are forbidden for women according to most opinions in Jewish law.

Knee covering also varies among sects within Orthodox Judaism.

Jews have generally worn the clothing and styles of the societies in which they lived as long as the requirement of modesty was met.

It has long been a custom for Jews to have special clothes for Shabbat and festivals, contributing to the special character of these days.

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Indeed, wearing modest Jewish clothing is essential for orthodox Jewish women.

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