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Carbon 14 dating summary

Because radiocarbon exists in significant quantities, far above the least count (margin of error) with our state-of-the-art AMS labs doing the tests, these results can !

The Radiocarbon field itself now widely acknowledges, and tries almost desperately to discount, that specimens supposedly millions and billions of years old will yield maximum carbon-14 ages of only thousands of years!

As reported in the journal Radiocarbon in natural gas, coal, oil and other petroleum products.* Carbon-14 is Everywhere so it Can't Be an Anomaly: Carbon-14 doesn't lie. And it's so unstable that all 14c atoms in a sample would radioactively decay in far less than a million years.So, such radiocarbon in allegedly older samples could theoretically come from a secondary source like contamination, background noise, or neutron capture. For example, living bacteria might infest a dinosaur bone but the journal reports that this doesn't affect its carbon date because the bacteria doesn't feed on the 14c in the atmosphere but in the bone!As a result of decomposition, to the extent that original carbon atoms were falling out of the tissue (so to speak), then to that extent you would no longer have collagen; rather, to that extent you would have humic acid.Decomposing collagen cannot be "repaired" by free carbon atoms happening upon the decomposition.

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All these methods point to Earth being very, very old -- several billions of years old.