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Christian approach to dating

You can come back to her, but give her space at first.6) Approach her with truth and honesty: The last thing a woman wants (let alone a Christian woman) is negative surprises.So sure…be noticeable let it be known TO HER that you are interested, before you make it know to the world that you are.5) When you first meet, do just do that and that alone. NATURALLY: A quick introduction, a question about something, a healthy compliment (that never gets old), a quick conversation and that’s it. You don’t have to spend an hour with a lady when you first meet, to pique her holy interest.It also makes her feel as though you have “things” not “character” to offer.2) When you approach her, she needs to know that you see more than the exterior: I don’t know how you are going to do this, cos some sisters in church practice “holy hotness” (we will just leave that there).should we say “holy sexiness”( you know…dressing in a way that will draw attention in “that” way but then looking like she is totally focused on Jesus). Christian singles ladies need to feel and know that you see more than her nice hair, her lip gloss or her fancy dress.

It also makes her feel like you are trying to get in secretly through the back door rather than knocking on the front door.Why do even well-intentioned men not get positive responses when they approach women in church?Why do men in church seem hesitant to approach the women in church that they are attracted to? I am not saying men shouldn’t be led by the Holy Spirit or that women should date men who approach them in whatever way.Don’t talk to her like you’re the secret CEO of a fortune 500 company. Sure women would rather have a man that has clear direction (that’s another article entirely), they however can’t stand a man that pretends to be who he is not. Want to do something a bit more private, still keep it simple. Do lunch/brunch (NOT DINNER) Take her somewhere where she’ll be comfortable and not feel like she is already In a relationship, AND where you will actually get to know her… 10) If/When you do ask her out, have a clear and comfortable reason: Clear…. “Hey…lets hang out…spend some time” , is not clear Comfortable…Trying to figure out what you want to do next with your life? In the world, women really worry about WHAT you are. meaning you’re asking her to spend time in a way that she will be comfortable spiritually and emotionally.

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