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These files cover each distinct lightship that served with the Lighthouse Service or Coast Guard as well as the various stations these vessels were moored on.The files consist primarily of photography along with limited documentation dating from the World War II-era to the mid-1980s.This collection consists of several thousand books, pamphlets, manuals, directives, instructions, and newsletters that deal specifically with the Coast Guard or are Coast Guard publications.Most significant are the old manuals, service publications and back issues of most of the periodicals published by the service.Some Coast Guard reservists feel that the best part of the job is being able to serve their country without having to be stationed overseas, as can happen in the Navy, Air Force or Army.

These files consist of photography of most of the lighthouses and lighthouse stations in the United States.Lastly, because the Coast Guard is responsible for interdicting drug traffic, illegal immigration and protecting against terrorist threats, the job can be hazardous.The main thing to consider about a Coast Guard career is that it is a long-term commitment.Please not that his collection consists of incidents since 1950 up to the advent of the electronic age of the late-1990s.These files consist of official biographies of senior officers and famous Coast Guard personnel.

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Unlike reservists, if you become an active Coast Guardsman, you won't get to choose where you will be stationed.

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