Common dating issues for young adults

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The shame experiences when rejected by a potential date is nothing compared to feeling rejected by one's mother.Some believe that their behavior was the cause of rejection or abandonment.

Just as subsequent losses remind the adopted person of original losses, additional rejections can be experienced more powerfully for the adopted person that feels that he or she was rejected or abandoned. ) son is rejected on the playground, you may hear, ‘she doesn’t like me and my birth mother didn’t want me and you don’t really want me - you’re just pretending’.

Even when we know that an adoption plan was created out of love and with the child's best interests in mind, it doesn't mean that the adoptee (child or adult) doesn't feel rejected or abandoned.

Often when an individual feels he or she has been rejected or abandoned in the past, they are constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop with the next person. Sometimes the person who believes he or she has been rejected or abandoned and thus believes he or she is likely to be rejected or abandoned again will unconsciously create the situation that will cause rejection or abandonment.

" Is a question that many adoptees ask again and again from a very early age.

Even in same-race infant adoptions, children seem to innately understand that genetics contributes to who they are and what they will become.

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Aspie adults’ anger issues often carry over from their childhood or teenage years.

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