Compare cost of dating sites

Posted by / 21-Apr-2020 03:52

Compare cost of dating sites

I created a male profile and within 48 hours I’d received over 10 messages, and of course you can’t read these without paying.

This is a very clear sign that something very dubious is going on and a warning to stay well away from Zoosk!

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The online dating sphere constantly changes, introducing new possibilities with every shift.

The results are elegantly displayed on profile pages, making it a delight to go through various profiles.

Zoosk is a very popular site, and also a very well designed site, the interface is one of the nicest I’ve laid eyes on.

Unfortunately there are just far too many fake members and very little seems to be being done about it.

However, there is a big problem with Zoosk, and that’s fake profiles. Yet if I search Zoosk with a search radius of 2 miles, it returns over 100,000 members!

I’ve been involved in the online dating industry now for long enough to spot a scam site from a mile off. If you do a Google image search on some of the profile photos, you’ll also find that many of them appear all over the web, this is because they have been copied from one site to another.

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