Consolidating multiple spreadsheets into one

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Consolidating multiple spreadsheets into one

In this case you’ll replace E:\Combine with the location and name of your workbook.

You’ll also replace January$ and February$ with your corresponding worksheet names.

Show 'Loop through all selected workbooks For i = 1 To temp File Dialog. Please follow these steps for importing a complete folder of Excel files.

Have you ever been stuck when you have to combine multiple workbooks into a master workbook in Excel?

You have several Excel workbooks and you want to merge them into one file? But there are 6 different methods of how to merge existing workbooks and worksheets into one file.

Depending on the size and number of workbooks, at least one of these methods should be helpful for you. The obvious method: Select the source cell range, copy and paste them into your main workbook.

It works, if your files are in a systematic file order and just want to import some certain values.

The most terrible thing is that the workbooks you need to combine contain multiple worksheets.

And how to combine only the specified worksheets of multiple workbooks into one workbook?

Alternatively, you can use Power Query in Excel 2013, renamed Get and Transform in Excel 2016, but those features require far more experience with database queries than the average Excel user has accumulated at this point.

Fortunately, Microsoft Query is an alternative that is available in all versions of Excel that can guide you through the process.

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Then you can see worksheets in two workbooks combined into one. The above VBA code will keep the sheet names of the original workbooks after merging. If you want to distinguish which worksheets in the master workbook came from where after merging, please apply the below VBA code 2. If you just want to combine specified worksheets of the workbooks into a master workbook, the below VBA code 3 can help.

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