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i Tunes does this by automatically copying any media dragged into its main window, and in addition, placing that copy in AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) format-Apple’s default format for audio-in the i Tunes Music folder on your C drive.The result is that any when any audio media, be it .mp3, audio CD, etc.The two links at the top of this post allow you to configure these settings by consolidating your media to the desired directory (e.g. Once this is complete, you can delete any duplicates in other folders/drives, as this will be the new directory. When I add music from my desktop (by dragging a mp3 onto the i Tunes icon in the Dock) I end up with three files. I know i Tunes is making a copy to put in my Music folder, but why is it making two copies of the actual mp3 file in my music folder?This shows up as two identical entries in my Library.If you've got the same music in possibly different formats, (like some MP3, some FLAC, some AAC/MP4) then you'll need music library software that can help you organize all that music and find your best quality audio out of what's available.You might have to do some listening to see what sounds best to you though, there's no good standards for measuring audio quality*.I use it very successfully for tidying up, and it copes with any file type.

Visit Stack Exchange that the duplicate music is going to be identical, then you can use a duplicate file finder to eliminate the duplicates.

Win Merge can compare both folders and files, presenting differences in a visual text format that is easy to understand and handle.

Does this happen when you drag a song from your library into a new playlist or when you drag a song from outside i Tunes and drop it in? The key to managing files with i Tunes is understanding that i Tunes keeps track of where your media is located via the i Tunes Music Library.

is ‘dragged and dropped’ or otherwise loaded into i Tunes, i Tunes will faithfully execute this default importing instructions-copy that media (ripping) into the C drive, in AAC format.

The problem with this is, most ‘power’ users who manage large libraries eventually end up filling up their C drive with media (esp.

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If you have “Copy files to i Tunes music folder when adding to library” checked in the Advanced tab in the Preferences window, it will always make a new copy in you i Tunes folder for you. If you don’t want the detailed explanation just click on the following links: Consolidating media in i Tunes for Mac Consolidating media in i Tunes for Windows NOTE: You can choose manually MOVE your existing media (i.e.