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Cooley dating mcdonald miriam ryan

Many child stars have walked away from the show with the needed boost to their careers to become A-list stars.

Though the series was a stepping stone in their career, its lasting effects helped to boost them into the spotlight for film and TV.

Her acting roles have included appearances in several subpar films including , actress Stacey Farber began her career on the show portraying Ellie Nash.

According to, Mc Intyre has “kept a private life.

Actress Miriam Mc Donald gained considerable fame playing the lead role for 125 episodes.

However, her transition to a long-standing career after the show hit several snags.

Played by actor Jason "Byrd" Dickens, Scoot remained on the show for season 4 and season 5 for ten episodes.

Although Dickens ended his acting career after the show, he continued to work in showbiz as a lighting technician and rigging gaffer.

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Although her part was brief, the season 8 episode may have helped to launch her acting career.