Coptic orthodox view dating

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Coptic orthodox view dating

Fasting means contrition and repentance, mixed with spiritual joy and consolation.Worship Service: Coptic Orthodox Churches celebrate the mass, which includes traditional liturgical prayers from a lectionary, readings from the Bible, singing or chanting, almsgiving, a sermon, consecration of the bread and wine, and communion.Salvation: Coptic Christians teach that both God and man have roles in human salvation: God, through Christ's atoning death and resurrection; man, through good works, which are the fruits of faith.Sacraments: Copts practice seven sacraments: baptism, confirmation, confession (penance), the Eucharist (Communion), matrimony, unction of the sick, and ordination.

Under Levitical law, the mother waits 40 days after the birth of a male child and 80 days after the birth of a female child to have the baby baptized.

In the case of adult baptism, the person undresses, enters the baptismal font up to their neck, and their head is dipped three times by the priest.

The priest stands behind a curtain while immersing the head of a woman.

Confession: Copts believe verbal confession to a priest is necessary for forgiveness of sins.

Embarrassment during confession is considered part of the penalty for sin.

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