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Council tax benefit backdating rules

The changes will only affect those applicants of working age.Whilst ensuring those most in need can still claim full council tax support, the changes to the relief we provide from April 2019 are: As well as the above, the rules of the scheme have been clarified with regards to the calculation of the income and applicable amount for those applicants in receipt of Universal Credit.For example, if you are single and have to pay council tax and a relative comes to live with you, you may be able to claim a Second Adult Rebate for him or her.If you qualify for Second Adult Rebate and Council Tax Support, we compare the two amounts and award you the higher one. What if I disagree with the way you work out my Council Tax Support?

However, the actual amount you will receive depends on: The rules say we must make fixed deductions from the net council tax. If you would like more information please contact us.

We can ignore certain parts of your income, such as Disability Living Allowance or War Pensions. How much money you need to live on Our Council Tax Support scheme sets the minimum level of income you must have after paying your rent. Your applicable amount is made up of Personal Allowances and Premiums.

Personal Allowances depend on: We add the personal allowances and premiums together to give the amount of money you need to live on. The amount of council tax you pay The amount of council tax you have to pay is shown on a council tax bill, which the council will send you.

The rules have also been updated so that a claim for Universal Credit can be taken as an initial claim for Council Tax Support. The rules of the Council Tax Support Scheme for those of pension age are statutory and are applied in accordance with legislation. Our previous Council Tax Support scheme for people of working age was introduced on 1 April 2013.

It was based on the old Council Tax Benefit scheme, but with a number of changes: If you have come to the United Kingdom (UK) within 5 years of your claim, this may also affect your entitlement. Do not delay in making a claim or you may lose some Council Tax Support.

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We can backdate your claim up to three months if you can show 'good cause' for not claiming earlier.

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