Danica patrick she dating

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Danica patrick she dating

, "I'd also like to have a cooking show, to help people learn how to cook healthily." Additionally, she'd enjoy traveling and attending concerts "on the side." Patrick's retirement goals sound amazing.

"No, we are not engaged — at all," Munn explained, "Just some random magazine decided to say it one day." Colbert added, "The followup question is 'What is he waiting for?"I always say I'll race people how they race me until they do something to make me change my mind.I don't anticipate that changing at all, or us having any issues on the track." Stenhouse himself agreed, "It won't affect how I race on the track.' He must think he's pretty special if he's [thinking he's] gonna do better than this." After almost five years of dating, Patrick and Stenhouse decided to go their separate ways at the end of 2017.The two NASCAR drivers are "no longer in a relationship," a spokeswoman for Patrick officially confirmed to , fans of the couple started wondering if there could be trouble in paradise when Patrick did not attend the NASCAR Awards with Stenhouse, who was honored at the event.

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, Patrick won the Indy Japan 300 in 2008, making her the very first female winner in Indy Car racing history.