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Darwinian dating

Otherwise, little is known about its historical patterns of spread or its evolutionary history.

However, most genetic changes are transient, continuously being removed by purifying selection, and the genome of Paratyphi A has not changed dramatically over centuries.

For each of these strains, as well as for publicly available short reads from five additional Chinese isolates (16), we performed de novo assemblies and mapped the reads to those assemblies to avoid assembler errors that result in false SNP calls (24).

The final set of 149 genomes, including the completed genomes of ATCC 9150 (20) and AKU 12601 (21), yielded a 4,073,403-bp core genome after removing repetitive DNA (henceforth core genome).

However, the time period over which humans have been afflicted by such diseases is only known for very few bacterial pathogens, and the evidence for recently increased virulence or fitness is scanty.

Has Darwinian (diversifying) selection at the genomic level recently driven microevolution within bacterial pathogens of humans?

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During that time period, the effective population size has undergone expansion, reduction, and recent expansion.