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I was devastated and could not get it from my head that this man I trusted more than any man in the world was just playing games, I had always considered myself a good judge of character but now I was unsure.Over the next few months I watched as he put other women in positions around him that were on their own or whose husbands worked away or didn’t go to church and my mind went wild.When I sent him an email about our friendship not continuing he replied with “The demands of my ministry are so great at the moment …..”.We continued to email & text and he on one occasion sent me an email telling me of his family’s financial emergency in the Philippines.The priest started calling me when I was at home and overseas to do with minor issues.After one overseas trip I received a call from him telling me that he wanted to create a new position of secretary on the Parish Council and would I take on the position.This continued on a regular basis after each mass or prayer meeting, we would go back to the presbytery for drinks.

She was the author of a book that, in some ways, read like the story of my life.

I fell in love with my priest and later married him — the same torrid forbidden love story that fuels Mc Cullough’s classic novel.

But in other ways, my story was nothing like that romance. I was in the middle of a breakup from an abusive, drug-addicted boyfriend when I first went to Father W for counseling ...

He was almost obsessive in his pursuit of me, and I enjoyed it very much.

This went on for many months with us getting closer and closer and eventually we were seeing each other 5 days/nights a week.

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I of course responded with an anonymous donation of $1000.