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Most men, however, are not nearly as cognizant as that guy!

If a woman says she doesn’t want to date a bad boy, but continues to ONLY find shady, sketchy, insincere dudes, she might need to be more honest with herself about who she is choosing to spend her time with.

The men surveyed said that, while they didn’t have any qualms paying for a date, they felt annoyed when the woman expected them to pay.

The guys may not stick around long, but there are always options for these women. As I’ve mentioned in a previous story, I think one of the main reasons men date crazy chicks is something they don’t even realize: When a guy dates the crazy chick and the relationship invariably unravels, the guy can take zero accountability. Like the I-always-seem-to-date-a-crazy-chick clueless guy, the I-always-seem-to-end-up-with-a-jerk clueless woman exists, too. Perhaps she mistakes control and dominance for love. Usually, the crazy girl is incapable of hiding her crazy. Usually a guy dating a crazy girl knows it within a few dates (if not the very first date).

Crazy chicks aren’t usually single for long even if most of their “relationships” tend to be short-lived. There are multiple reasons a woman is making that choice. I think a bad boy resembles the crazy girl in that he usually owns his love ’em-and-leave ’em MO from the get-go.

As I’ve already written, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend going totally against type, but I would consider reaching out to (or responding to) someone who you are on the fence about.

Stretch yourself a bit to see if you can mesh with someone you would typically dismiss.

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From my experience, the vast majority of guys in the dating world are lying (mostly to themselves) when they say they don’t want to date a crazy chick. He can easily throw all responsibility on her, move along, and do zero self-reflection. Fortunately, as a rule, I’m not attracted to bad boys. And it’s mutual: bad boys don’t tend to be into me either, so I don’t usually intersect with them.

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