Dating after divorce kids christian

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Dating after divorce kids christian

Wanting an answer to this question, I spoke with Stephen Bell and his wife, Tracy, who are both experts in family studies.

This is Stephen’s second marriage — living proof that God can work all things together for good.

In your interactions, you should be able to tell that your date’s divorce is a past rather than a present event.

Your date should be able to relate to you as an individual, without comparing and contrasting you with her past spouse. Stephen suggests watching your date when she does tell a story, looking for signs of bitterness and anger.

My eyes follow the familiar path to skim the guy’s dating site profile. My gaze drifts to the small print: “Relationship status: Divorced.” In my early 20s, being divorced was a deal breaker when it came to potential dates. There were plenty of fish in the sea — about 88 percent of men and 78 percent of women in their early 20s were single. Right, and I wanted to do my part to build a healthy relationship.

His pictures show a nice smile and that he’s involved in a church and has done some missions work.

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Just like any hardship, God can use divorce for good in the lives of His people.