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Since each ancestor has two parents (one mother and one father), you have a total of 2n ancestors at level n: two parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, sixteen great-great-grandparents, and so on.

Summing up, you have a total of 2 2 − 2 = 16 − 2 = 14.

Unlike with ancestors, there is no simple formula for your number of descendants.

Rather, you have to count up all of your children, and all of their children, and so on.

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We are sure they are a cousin, but determining that relationship is sometimes difficult to pin down exactly, especially if you are new to researching your family tree.

Most of the time questions deal the word "removed" and what is a second cousin.

In general, n-level cousins share two (n 1)-level ancestors (but no n-level ancestors).

When the siblings are the same, as in two brothers or two sisters, the offspring, in addition to being first cousins, are also known as parallel cousins.

Affecting Further Generations While double first cousins are double because they share both sets of grandparents, that is generally where such special references end.

If your father’s cousin’s daughter just had a baby boy, how should you two be introduced?

Who is your “great great aunt”, and how can you find your “first cousin twice removed”?

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Fortunately, a bit of mathematical logic can clarify who should be called what, and why – and even measure the degree of genetic similarity between different relatives.