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Dating delilah mp3

Purple Angel can deliver this for free because we raise funds for it.

The problem: The personal MP3 players have become so popular we are being inundated with orders so the cost to other establishments such as Memory Cafes; GP waiting rooms and Hospitals will be £30 per player.

Families who have seen the reaction of residents listening to the MP3 players have asked if we can get them for their relatives.

I also provided Purple Angel’s pamphlets for them to peruse at their leisure.

We have found that whilst the music is playing they can remember where they heard the music, what they were doing at the time and possibly in some cases how they used to love playing a musical instrument. The other benefits are – when this is done no less than 30 minutes prior to mealtimes – they start to enjoy themselves, move about, sing along and feel more like eating and drinking.

There is no reason whatsoever why they can’t also take meals whilst listening to music in their earphones.

One Mp3 will be for those aged 55 to 70 years old and the other for 70 years and older.” We have been trialing the use of MP3 players for patients with Dementia, Cognitive impairment or indeed those patients who may find the clinical environment distressing as ways of providing comfort and distraction.

Everyone involved with this project from the Nurses to the patients and their carers has seen the positive effect this intervention can have.

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At the Purple Angel, we will continue to provide as many as possible free, but please help us to fundraise for this much needed cause!