Dating handicapped girl

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Leeftijd 24 Uit: Hornsey, United Kingdom Online - 1 week geleden Vrouw Zoekt Man (354 km afstand) I would describe myself as someone who is caring, confident, creative, ambitious and honest. Leeftijd 39 Uit: Barnsley, United Kingdom Online - Meer dan 2 weken geleden Vrouw Zoekt Man (447 km afstand) Hi, I’m 51, can be shy at first but live to love, laugh and smile.

I love being a photographer around London, I love exploring new places are London. After the (maybe) shyness, I’m bubbly, outgoing, fun-loving, open-minded, caring/sensitive, and honest/genuine with a good sense of humour looking for a male friend/close...

Insults sugar-coated as compliments aren’t honesty. I’ve heard many excuses over the years, as I’ve navigated the dating waters as a disabled woman.

Heck, I’m not even asking you out to dinner, unless I’m feeling exceptionally confident that day. And yes, I am disarmingly honest and straight-forward and a bit awkward (in a female Michael Cera-esque way), but I’ve found that sometimes, being intimidated by someone in a good way makes things even more exciting and makes you want to get to know the other person that much more. Translation: How much work is this woman going to be? More often than not, you don’t even care what they think …. Maybe I just shouldn’t be going out and be around other people. I’ve seen the look in my mother’s eyes when she looks at photos of him: a smile crosses her face as if it is her wedding day all over again.

I’m just asking you not to be so quick in dismissing me — the one girl you could so easily overlook — and take a chance. Plus, I’m probably one of the quietest, unassuming girls you’ll ever meet. I’ve lived – and thrived – through some 26 surgeries and hundreds of hospitalizations. When I was 17, I made a list in my journal of traits I wanted my future husband to possess. If you’re honestly concerned that you might be ashamed of me, move along now. Before you, I had never seen the light of day before. Maybe it’d be best if I just stayed in my room all day, watching the colorful world go by outside my window. The fact is, when you’re really into someone, you’re proud to be seen with them. Shouldn’t everyone get to feel that romantic happiness?

This bone and muscular disorder has resulted in more than 26 surgeries to correct joint contractures, scoliosis and to straighten my leg muscles.

After a bit of friendly Twirting (flirting via Twitter, the equivalent of computer footsie), he said he thought I was pretty funny too and even admitted to being a bit intimidated when I told him how strong my physical disability, Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome, had made my arms.

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Here are just a few of the things men have said about the prospect of dating a woman like me and what I would like to say to them in return.