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These include the ubiquitous sake as well as beer, and if you want to try this then you need to head to the local brewery known as Abashiri Beer.Here you will be able to try the signature tipple which is called Ryuhyo and is made with drift ice which has been melted and mixed with sea algae that makes it a rather shocking shade of blue.This part of Japan is also covered in a range of rolling hills and fields which are filled with flowers of every hue, and you can see these on a cycling trip of Abashiri or on a romantic horseback ride. By far the most famous attraction in Abashiri is the Abashiri Prison Museum.This used to be the place where criminals were sent to perform hard labor, and many of the inmates here actually helped to build the foundations on which Hokkaido now sits.

Lake Notoro is one of the signature attractions in Abashiri and most people come here in September.

Lake Abashiri is part of the wider Abashiri Quasi National Park and is also said to be one of the prettiest lakes in all of Hokkaido.

The reason that this lake is so famous is that it has a number of resident swans who dot the surface of the water and swim around regally taking in the scenery.

This consists of making a hole in the ice on one of the many frozen lakes around Abashiri and then fishing directly through the hole.

Once you catch a fish you can then rent a small cooker and either barbecue the fish or even buy a tempura set and cook your own tempura for one of the freshest meals you will find in Abashiri.

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As you would expect from a town located on a bay, Abashiri is known for its delicious seafood which features on many menus across town.

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