Dating millionaires reality

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We will cancel his registration information and punish him.

The show originated from a comment made by Hauserman during an episode of Rock of Love: Charm School, in which she stated that she ideally would like to become a "trophy wife".

After Megan hands out her presents, she announces there will be a mixer.

He whips his head and barks and pretends to bite Megan's finger which causes her to spill wine all over herself. Megan returns to the party and Al apologizes for his childish actions and offers to buy her a new dress.In order for the men to win her heart, they must "keep their account in good standing". When Joe is brought down to receive his credit card, Megan asks about his missing piggy bank. Next, Megan eliminates Donald because she is not attracted to him, but asks if he could still put her in a movie.Joe reveals that Garth broke it, and Megan scolds Garth for being a "bad boy". Al receives the last credit card, but Megan jokingly warns him to never bark at her again.Outside, Brandi and Cecille give Al some motivation to be less awkward.He offers to use his gift of massage oil to give Megan a foot massage.

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The show hints that he is in the Italian Mafia because he is Italian and said in the first episode that he does "private deals".