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DZ, Mc Bain, MI, Email Question ANSWER: Your horse bridle and bit are military issue and date from the World War I era. The mission statement of the United States Cavalry Museum, located at Fort Riley (205 Henry Avenue, Fort Riley, KS 66442; reads: To collect, preserve, exhibit, and interpret those materials that are integral parts of the history and tradition of the U. The family member could have purchased it as military surplus.The difficulty in specifically dating military equipment is that newly designed military equipment is phased in over time. The same equipment models were produced and used in peace as well as wartime. Cavalry Equipment.htm) managed by Hayes Otoupalik features numerous listings for U. When I was in the Boy Scouts in the 1950s and 1960s, some of my camping equipment came from the local Army and Navy store. Although there were two different seller IDs, my suspicious side questions whether the two sellers are one and the same person. A more realistic secondary market value for your US Cavalry bridle and bit is between .00 and .00.The average asking price is between .00 and .00. Send an email with a copy of the picture of your bridle and bit and ask the curator if he/she can specifically identify it.A more realistic secondary market price is around .00. There is a round rosette with US in the middle of the blinders. Can you specifically date it and tell me its value? Check your family provenance to see if a family member or relative served in the United States Army prior, during, or after World War I.

In addition to the two styles that you own, I found two additional figures with the same numbera young girl playing golf and a young boy baseball player.By June 1959, Hi-Fi Club membership approached two million teenagers in the clubs established by Coca-Cola bottlers in 47 states.Sponsorship was open to any group whose aim was to promote a positive teenage experience. Dances featured a DJ who received The Monthly Disc Jockey Package which contained an Around the World Hit Parade record, cuts to be used for contests, musical theme suggestions, popular records, and recorded interviews.The average asking price for an example in very good or better condition is .00. These folders are common, meaning it is highly likely that a Chicago or 1933-1934 Worlds Fair collector already owns an example. All you have to do is input your email address and personal message to the right and hit "submit."If you feel comfortable please leave me at least your first name so I know how to address you in my response.

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The second is a young lady wearing a cap and holding a racquet. Lines included ashtrays, ceramic planters, mugs, novelty figurines, trivets, wall accessories, and more.

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