Dating puzzle

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Dating puzzle

Place a small dab of this paint medium on a paper plate or wax paper.Load up a paintbrush with paint and create a small heart at the top of the page underneath the text.If anyone has any Passion Puzzle cheats or tips, please let us know in a comment below.If you have any questions about the game, please visit our Passion Puzzle answers page and submit your question.Write your message using a white crayon in the empty space.Note: I didn’t have a white crayon but I did have a colorless blender pencil, which worked like a charm!

Passion Puzzle Dating Simulator is a match 3 type game where you unlock different girls in order to try to date them and complete the match 3 puzzle games.

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Some puzzle games require you to sharpen your pattern recognition like in Tetroid, some are dependent on learning to deal with gravity like in Space Rescue.

To finish up this invitation, rinse out your paintbrush from the first step and attach it to the side of the invitation using a glue dot or a piece of double sided tape.

When your sweetheart wets the brush with water and picks up paint from your hearts, he will be able to read your message!

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Available for print / Web / HTML5 The original hit puzzle from Andrews Mc Meel Syndication sets the standard for all daily crosswords.