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Dating red zones

There are a total of 8 circle movements that will transpire in every game.

With each movement, the play zone is reduced by around 50% and the damage of the electricity field is increased by around 50%.

The first circle’s center point is randomly generated at the beginning of every match, and is unveiled a few minutes into the game.

The playzone is referenced in two ways on your map, a static white circle, and a moving blue circle.

If you or your group can’t make it to a large city when jumping out of the plane, try to patrol roads while parachuting down or run alongside them on the ground as you move to your next looting destination.

Finding a car early on greatly increases your chances of survival, as well as increasing the distance you can travel in a short period of time.

However as the game wears on into the later circles it is almost impossible to survive outside of the playzone for any longer than a few seconds.The static white circle will designate where on the map the moving blue circle will stop, while the moving blue circle on your map will reference the wall of electricity that is enclosing around the island.If you are caught outside the blue circle while it is closing, you will begin to take damage every second.However the map does offer grid-squares, if you zoom out all the way you’ll be able to see that Erangel is broken down into an 8x8 grid of yellow squares.From one side to the other, these yellow grid squares represent one kilometer of distance.

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This is a great tool for marking buildings with loot for allies, or when asking for help if you’re downed.