Dating someone with borderline personality disorder symptoms amare stoudemire dating barbee

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Dating someone with borderline personality disorder symptoms

Their mood swings can incapacitate them for days, making it difficult for them to show up to work or uphold responsibilities. You cannot tell someone with BPD that they are currently having a manic episode, or that they’re fixating on something, or that they don’t mean what they said.

When they’re having one of these episodes, they’re like a hurricane that you just need to let spin out.

Borderline personality disorder is one of the most difficult mood disorders to live with, and certainly presents a complication when it comes to love and relationships.

If you’ve recently met someone you connected with who told you they have borderline personality disorder, you can certainly carry on a relationship, but tread lightly, and know what you’re dealing with.

When going to school to get my Masters in counseling I was warned by my teachers that when reading the DSM—the bible of mental health disorders—I would crazy because it talks about behaviors we all display at one point or another.

They’ve deluded themselves into believing the lie is true because they need to believe that to continue their manic episode and avoid whatever truth they cannot face.Mood disorders are different than personality disorders in that they can be more transient.Personality disorders are often meant to be used as a diagnostic tool.They are both a type of mental and emotional prison; and when dating someone who has either (or both) type of disorder, it can feel like being caged.In an attempt to shed light on what it is like to be with a person who is disordered—or as the layman would call it “crazy”—I’m offering a list of the two types of mental health afflictions and what it is like to be in relationship with someone who is suffering from them.

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For instance, unhealthy relationships are often build on the primal exchanges of a narcissist and a codependent.