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Dating sphynx kufu

The New Kingdom of ancient Egypt carved ram's heads on the sphinxes at Thebes, signifying the Age of Aries.Jesus Christ was born soon after the Age of Pisces began, and the fish is a universal symbol of Christ and Christianity. The last time Leo the lion rose due east, before the sun on the spring equinox, was over 10,500 years ago.The image below was generated by Skyglobe shareware, simulating the eastern view of the horizon from the Giza Plateau, just before sunrise on the spring equinox in 11,500 BC.Further evidence that the Sphinx was intended to commemorate Leo and the Age of Leo was provided by Robert Bauval in 1993 when he described the correlation between the three pyramids on the Giza Plateau and the three belt stars of Orion.

The bull symbolized the Minoan civilization, known to have existed during the Age of Taurus.

During these times, the body of the Sphinx and the Sphinx enclosure were protected from erosion.

Nonetheless, erosion of the body of the Sphinx and the Sphinx enclosure is much more severe than the erosion of other structures constructed by ancient Egyptians.

The best match between this alignment of the pyramids at Giza and the alignment of the belt stars above the souther horizon as they crossed the meridian, occurred just before sunrise on the spring equinox around 11,500 BC, at the same time that Leo was rising due east, directly in front of the Sphinx.

The upper portion of the image above is a Skyglobe simulation of Orion's belt just above the southern horizon before dawn on the spring equinox in 11,500 BC.

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Unlike the horizontal erosion features that may be attributed to the wind and sand that blows across the Giza Plateau, Schoch concluded that the vertical erosion evident on unrestored portions of the Sphinx, and to an even greater extent on the walls of the Sphinx enclosure, had to be water erosion from long periods of heavy rainfall.

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