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Dating ss 69

Here is the 5/31/69 bulletin announcing the batteries with 'side-mounted terminals'.For LOS cars, the change to side post batteries occurred about the 05A week (cowl tag date).For NOR cars, it appears the change to the Y77 side post battery occurred in late April, while the R79 side post battery was used starting in early- to mid-May.(See the Battery Usage section for application information.) Delco introduced the Energizer line of batteries with molded plastic cases in 1967 (vs the earlier hard rubber cases with tar tops).The physical details of the base and SS springs are tabulated in the table below, and further illustrated in the schematic below.These data apply to all three years of the first-generation Camaro.

The base spring, though less stiff, is significantly preloaded even at the maximum opening position (shortest extension).

Thus the R59 battery pictured is factory correct and the other three are correct as service parts.

The Association of American Battery Manufacturers (AABM, now called Battery Council International (BCI)) standardized batteries into numbered Group Sizes according to maximum overall dimensions, terminal arrangement, and features that affect battery fit. 22F, originally stood for 'Ford' and indicates a reversed terminal post arrangement (see the description below of the Y55 battery). 24T, indicates a taller version, by 3/4", of the battery group size 24.

The R79 battery had two different size terminals, a 3/8-16 positive terminal and a 5/16-18 negative terminal, so the terminals could not be interchanged.

(The R89 battery replaced the R79 in 1971 and had the same basic exterior dimensions, but the R89 had a single terminal size, 3/8-16.) 67-69 RPO T60, Heavy Duty Battery: The optional battery was Delco R69, a 70-Ahr battery with top posts and standard terminal positions (positive terminal inboard).

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This was a 45-Ahr rated battery with reverse polarity top post terminals.