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All the sounds great in theory, but in practice we found that it takes longer than two weeks for people to get into it.

Most members on Play Naughty check their profiles maybe twice a week, and never for very long.

All these reason lead us to having no success in the dating or hookup department.

Totally a waste of time on Play, that’s for sure, and only a handful of the women were talked with were scammers. We sent out 90 emails and got 31 back, but only 2 dates were planned, and none were actually successful.

There are not enough options on there, and of the options available, Play Naughty does not give you enough time to cultivate interest in sex.Until the site changes their dating recommendation system, these issues will persist.It’s not going to work to prevent scammers from using your site – scammers know how to get into any sites they want, so Play should focus more energy on website security software and leave the members to search and date whoever they want for as long as they want.The librarians say it’s "funny, timely, and full of facts and figures to help …Find facts, photos, information and history, travel videos, flags, and maps of countries and cities of the world from National Geographic.

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Then you only get two more weeks to chat and try to make a date happen.

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