Deelishis dating rapper

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Deelishis dating rapper

“I don’t know why females have this issue with Deelishis.

Now, rumors suggest that Khalifa is "booed-up" with "Flavor of Love 2" vixen, Deelishis. @mistercap #They Swear LOL #UKeep Em Guessing #Solid." Interesting caption...She also went off on the haters who believe they shouldn’t be together, even as friends.I HAD TO START THIS THANG OVER AND REPOST IT BECAUSE FOR A SECOND I THOUGHT MAYBE I POSTED A FIELD OF CHILDREN BEING HURT, OR A WOMAN BEING BEATEN OR A MAN BEING SHOT.... NOPE I POSTED @richforever AND MYSELF SHARING A MOMENT...DRAKE has dated many women over the years, being as successful with the ladies as he is in music.Here's everything you need to know about the rapper's ex-girlfriends and who he's dating now...

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Chandra Davis, aka London Charles and Deelishis, is a model, and was a reality show contestant.