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Dr james dobson on dating

Papania." This has been the position of Focus on the Family since Papania's fraud was discovered.

True ministers of God will alert their flocks to the presence of a wolf.]There's another troubling aspect to this issue.

By refusing to take responsibility for their error they demonstrate that they have no real interest in the truth and prefer that people remain in the dark if it means avoiding embarrassment on their part.

The ministry could set the record straight on this issue using a variety of media outlets if they so desired.

In the late summer of '97 I had a conversation with another Focus employee in the Administration building at the Focus headquarters here in Colorado Springs.

The young man (who worked in a technical department) told me that the ministry would not rebroadcast the Papania tape through its radio outlets because another person had recently offered testimony in a court of law that directly conflicted with Papania's story... I was also told that this person had written a book about his life in the mafia.

During my tenure with Focus the management there had told me and the other employees that the Tom Papania broadcast would not be re-aired on the daily Focus radio program because it created too much of a response through the phone lines which our staff was not prepared to handle.

There is some excellent information available through the Internet regarding the deception that is tolerated and practiced by the governing body at Focus on the Family.

Unless they discover the truth about this man they will continue to believe a lie.

The Focus leadership has no interest in warning the public about Papania because for them to admit publicly that they made a mistake promoting him would create a public relations disaster that would hurt their reputation.

yet what was once advertised as the top selling broadcast in Focus history has completely disappeared from the database with no explanation. [In 2009 an individual contacted the organization with an online inquiry asking about Tom Papania and forwarded to me the response he received.

In the June 2009 e-mail Focus representative Timothy Masters stated: "..have no desire to launch an offensive of any kind against Mr.

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The tape was discontinued shortly before a settlement was reached in the year 2000 with Focus on the Family by way of a confidential church based resolution initiated by one Rocky Scarfone (the man who had parts of his story stolen by Tom Papania).

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