Dsr admin error updating secondary indexes sanantonio online dating com

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Dsr admin error updating secondary indexes

However, because there was little business in the first quarter, the storage attributes for partition CREATE TABLE sales ( prod_id NUMBER(6) , cust_id NUMBER , time_id DATE , channel_id CHAR(1) , promo_id NUMBER(6) , quantity_sold NUMBER(3) , amount_sold NUMBER(10,2) ) STORAGE (INITIAL 100K NEXT 50K) LOGGING PARTITION BY RANGE (time_id) ( PARTITION sales_q1_2006 VALUES LESS THAN (TO_DATE('01-APR-2006','dd-MON-yyyy')) TABLESPACE tsa STORAGE (INITIAL 20K NEXT 10K) , PARTITION sales_q2_2006 VALUES LESS THAN (TO_DATE('01-JUL-2006','dd-MON-yyyy')) TABLESPACE tsb , PARTITION sales_q3_2006 VALUES LESS THAN (TO_DATE('01-OCT-2006','dd-MON-yyyy')) TABLESPACE tsc , PARTITION sales_q4_2006 VALUES LESS THAN (TO_DATE('01-JAN-2007','dd-MON-yyyy')) TABLESPACE tsd ) ENABLE ROW MOVEMENT; CREATE INDEX amount_sold_ix ON sales(amount_sold) GLOBAL PARTITION BY RANGE(sale_month) ( PARTITION p_100 VALUES LESS THAN (100) , PARTITION p_1000 VALUES LESS THAN (1000) , PARTITION p_10000 VALUES LESS THAN (10000) , PARTITION p_100000 VALUES LESS THAN (100000) , PARTITION p_1000000 VALUES LESS THAN (1000000) , PARTITION p_greater_than_1000000 VALUES LESS THAN (maxvalue) ); Note: If your enterprise has databases using different character sets, use caution when partitioning on character columns, because the sort sequence of characters is not identical in all character sets. The range partitioning key value determines the high value of the range partitions, which is called the transition point, and the database automatically creates interval partitions for data beyond that transition point.

The lower boundary of every interval partition is the non-inclusive upper boundary of the previous range or interval partition.

CREATE TABLE departments_hash (department_id NUMBER(4) NOT NULL, department_name VARCHAR2(30)) STORAGE (INITIAL 10K) PARTITION BY HASH(department_id) (PARTITION p1 TABLESPACE ts1, PARTITION p2 TABLESPACE ts2, PARTITION p3 TABLESPACE ts1, PARTITION p4 TABLESPACE ts3); If you create a local index for this table, the database constructs the index so that it is equipartitioned with the underlying table.predicates on the index partitioning key can efficiently use hash partitioned global indexes.The syntax for creating a hash partitioned global index is similar to that used for a hash partitioned table.For example, if you create an interval partitioned table with monthly intervals and the transition point is at January 1, 2010, then the lower boundary for the January 2010 interval is January 1, 2010.The lower boundary for the July 2010 interval is July 1, 2010, regardless of whether the June 2010 partition was previously created.

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Note, however, that using a date where the high or low bound of the partition would be out of the range set for storage causes an error.

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