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Eskimo dating

These people left behind very distinctive tools that are often made of bright, almost jewel-like A hard variety of sedimentary rock, similar to flint.It breaks in a predictable fashon which made it highly desirable for precontact tool-makers." that are probably arrowheads, scrapers, used to remove fat from skins, small stone knives, and A stone tool, from which flakes, called 'burin spalls,' are removed in order to create a sharp edge that is used to carve grooves, commonly in bone or wood." are also sometimes found on Palaeo-Eskimo sites which suggests that these people were also working wood.Objects interpreted as snow knives have been recovered from Dorset sites, and this suggests that they may have known how to construct the snow houses, popularly known today as igloos.

Palaeo-Eskimo An archaeological culture refers to the pattern of remains left behind by a distinct group of people.In the fall, these hunters would have undoubtedly taken harp seals on their southward migration, while in the winter it is possible that they picked out sheltered areas from which to take the occasional caribou and to live on stored food. There were, however, Palaeo-Eskimo peoples in northern Labrador and on the island of Newfoundland during this period, and archaeologists often refer to these people as the "Pre-Dorset".Labrador, however, has relatively few Pre-Dorset sites; they are much more numerous in the Arctic, particularly in the low eastern Arctic.These Pre-Dorset people in the Arctic, at least, appear to have been more numerous than their Independence I predecessors, perhaps because of a superior technology, especially a very effective type of harpoon called a A harpoon with a detachable head which, when driven into an animal, twists, or 'toggles,' in order to secure the prey.The harpoon head is attached to a line held by hunters.", which was much more efficient than the older forms.

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Excavated from the ancient Yupik Eskimo village Kukuluk (coo coo' look) and traditional hunting camp sites (dating up to 10,000 years old) on St. From the west coast of the island the snow covered mountains of Siberia can be seen looming in the distance only 60 miles away.

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