Esl dating worksheets

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Esl dating worksheets

Use our board and card games as complimentary activities for the worksheet sets.

Don’t forget to download our free “Idioms 1 Black-White Worksheet” sample to try one out.

There are all kinds of human relationships and these relationships will play a role in your discussions.

This page will help you explore a variety of relationships including romantic relationships, your friends and family, and relationships at work.

Students will use the written prompts to complete the sentences about the target language.

These worksheets can be printed and handed out to students in class. You can also save on printing costs by projecting the worksheet and having students write down the answers in their notebooks. Be sure to look at our 3 Photo worksheet set versions if you want to project them on the wall.

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Besides the hearts, candy and flowers, Valentine’s Day is a time to think about love and relationships, even for those who are not romantic the rest of the year.