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Chris told me that he has members in 88 countries, including members of the military stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq, where they have access to Wi Fi but, because of security reasons, can’t use their phones to make calls. I got in touch with one of Chris’s Face Time customers, and asked why he prefers his i Phone's camera over, say, a webcam or the TV.

“The webcam sites normally have tons of guys all typing away and asking stupid questions to a model in an online peep show situation,” he told me. I prefer one-on-one and not being hounded to pay tips so we can have a nice chat, and where whatever happens, happens!

There’s an emotional investment you just don’t get if you’re tapping out messages on a keyboard.” Chris says that the girls take the majority cut from each of their calls, and it must be beneficial that the marketing and advertising that sustains the site and app all comes out of his own pocket.It seems the same rule holds true in the Face Time game; “Yeah, the first guys are what we call regulars, always ringing you, always coming to your cam just to quickly say hello and to tell you that you look beautiful,” says Amy Lu.“Those are the ones who want to Face Time more; the ones that treat you like a girlfriend.” Unsurprisingly, being the founder of a company that relies on Face Time to connect men with naked women, Chris was quick to tout the benefits of using Face Time to connect yourself to naked women.Its founder, Chris Jeffrey, told me he was surprised that there wasn’t more competition, considering they have upwards of 50,000 registered members for just 40 girls, most of whom are ex-glamour models.“We take glamour models off that pedestal and make them attainable,” he said.

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She posed topless for her own photos and videos, and built up a network of girls who would do the same.

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