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Failure updating asp net script maps orion

Embedding connection strings in your application's code can lead to security vulnerabilities and maintenance problems.

Unencrypted connection strings compiled into an application's source code can be viewed using the (IL Disassembler) tool.

Web Configuration Manager is used to work with ASP. It is designed to work with configuration files on a Web server, and allows programmatic access to configuration file sections such as

Note Accessing configuration files at run time requires granting permissions to the caller; the required permissions depend on the type of application, configuration file, and location.

Note You can save part of a connection string in a configuration file and use the Db Connection String Builder class to complete it at run time.

This is useful in scenarios where you do not know elements of the connection string ahead of time, or when you do not want to save sensitive information in a configuration file.

Connection strings can be stored as key/value pairs in the connection Strings section of the configuration element of an application configuration file. The following configuration file fragment demonstrates the schema and syntax for storing a connection string.

The name attribute is a name that you provide to uniquely identify a connection string so that it can be retrieved at run time. NET Framework data provider, which is registered in the machine.config file.

External configuration files are not limited to ASP.For more information, see Connection String Builders.External configuration files are separate files that contain a fragment of a configuration file consisting of a single section.For more information, see Using the Configuration Classes and Web Configuration Manager for ASP.NET applications, and Configuration Manager for Windows applications.

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When retrieving connection strings by provider name from the app.config file in a Windows application, the connection strings in machine.config get loaded first, and then the entries from app.config.

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