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There's a reason you have to be 18 to work there." Cassandra: "It was too close for comfort at times -- some women had NO shame.They'd be ass naked and call you into their 2x4 rooms, ask for a bra measurement with their boobs out (something that's supposed to be done clothed), then have you watch as they tried on 10 different styles of lingerie.But the clients who treated me with respect -- that's who I would scour the stock room for in search of that lime-green demi bra in a 34C.If you're rude, I'll tell you everything we have is already out so I don't have to walk back there in heels." Brooke: "We weren’t allowed to gift wrap at the register -- it holds up the lines -- but if a client was chatty with me, sometimes I'd do it anyway.' or 'That style thong comes in five colors -- why not treat her to all of them?' They couldn't wait to get out of there and I found they usually listened to me.I wasn't dating anyone at the time, so it was sweet to see a guy do something to make a woman feel sexy at the expense of his own comfort.I enjoyed chatting with these men about what they thought was hot, or what their girlfriends liked, or what the special occasion was.

Like, 'Julie, there is a woman who both looks and barks like a Pomeranian looking for a black Angels bra in a 36D.' We'd do it for laughs because every employee on headset could hear it." Julie: "Men who came into Victoria's Secret usually looked lost -- our sexy merchandise and confusing sizing isn't exactly in their wheelhouse.It was awkward and pissed a lot of shoppers off -- I can't say I blame them. " Brooke: "A lot of foreigners would agree to open Angel Cards after we sold them on all the coupons they'd subsequently get in the mail.Many of them didn't speak English and I'd wonder if they knew what they were signing up for.If I had a nickel for every time I picked up the phone and a giggling human asked me, 'So, what is Victoria's secret?!' I would have been making way more that .50 an hour." Brooke: "Shopping for lingerie is very different from shopping for corduroys.

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Then I'd picture my next boyfriend doing the same for me.

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