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The recent advances in the trail camera industry make even professional hunters wonder what the next “” will be.

For the time being though, we have our hands full with the latest advance, wireless trail cameras.

With this information, you assume this is the best spot to intercept him on opening day. Once September arrived “Junior” picked up his cozy thicket bedroom, and lush soybean field, for a new home, on the other side of your property. You stayed out of your property and decided to check cameras after you hunted awhile just in case you might booger up the spot.

This is a real shame because…”Junior” in light of the changing times, hormones, and weather just went across the fence and surprised your very accurate neighbor…Now up to this point in time, this was a common occurrence for whitetail hunters.

Heck, these “” by some ole’ Georgia boy’s standards.

Sorcery or not, wireless trail cameras have made a colossal leap for the industry and more notably for the hunter. Unbeknown to hunters the terms don’t actually mean the same thing.

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Up until opening day, you have worked relentlessly every single weekend.

You have practiced shooting, planted food plots, hung stands, trimmed shooting lanes, mowed trails, and even washed your hunting clothes…there is no doubt you are ready.

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This step was the unveiling of cellular and wireless trail cameras.

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