Free no register ipod hook up

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Free no register ipod hook up

Computer Stereo Audio to Stereo Receiver Using Minijack-to-RCA Connection Cost: .95 Note: you can buy any cable that does this, I just chose this one and it works fine (10 ft. Note: On some AUX devices you will get better quality if you slightly lower the AUX's volume and turn up the stereo volume to compensate. Here is how you control everything: When you are playing a real CD the display shows this: Just press the "CD" button to toggle between a CD (headunit picture directly above) or the i Pod (headunit picture below).

I press the IPod into the cell phone holder ( at Radio Shack). The IPod is a fantastic piece of musical gadgetry and I wouldn't give mine up for ANYTHING.Not to mention that i was charged for 2 hours of service for installing the IPod at an hour.I am very upset that I became the test subject at my own expense. Is there anyway that I can get an adapter that has a USB or headphone hook up to play either of these in the truck? Saved me a lot of money than going out and putting in a nice headunit.I'm not looking to control it with the radio, just play. Yes, there is a way, I have the PAC unit in my truck. It only charges "older" model ipods and the first generation Iphone. I have the Sony xploit (I think that's it) cd, USB, and AUX plugs on the front and i Pod interface if you use the USB. Also When they installed it, since it's slimmer than the stock, they put in a special front with a place to fit the apple i Pod wire, 1-2 i Pods, and the stereos remote.

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Plug into your i Pod and put the touchscreen setting on AUX.